Screensaver For Android Mobile Free Download

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Screensaver For Android Mobile Free Download
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Android mobile devices have become an integral part of our lives, serving as a constant source of entertainment and information. One way to personalize our Android phones is by setting up a screensaver. Screensavers not only add a touch of creativity to our device but also protect the screen from burn-in. In this article, we will explore various screensaver options available for Android mobiles and guide you on how to download and set them up for free.

Top Screensaver Apps for Android

1. Wallpapers & Backgrounds HD: This app offers a vast collection of screensavers, including live wallpapers, 3D parallax wallpapers, and animated backgrounds. It allows users to customize their screensavers by choosing from various categories like nature, animals, sports, and more.

2. ZEDGE: Known for its extensive library of wallpapers and ringtones, ZEDGE also provides an impressive collection of screensavers. The app features thousands of high-quality screensavers, which are regularly updated.

3. Screen Off and Lock: Unlike traditional screensavers, this app allows users to turn off their device’s screen completely when not in use. It helps save battery life and prevents accidental touches.

4. Particle Live Wallpaper: This app creates stunning particle-based screensavers that react to touch and movement. It offers a wide range of customization options, allowing users to create unique and mesmerizing screensavers.

5. Minima Live Wallpaper: If you prefer minimalistic and artistic screensavers, this app is perfect for you. It offers a collection of beautifully designed wallpapers that change dynamically based on the time of day.

How to Download and Set Up Screensavers

1. Open the Google Play Store on your Android device.

2. Search for the desired screensaver app using the search bar.

3. Select the app from the search results and tap on “Install” to download it.

4. Once the app is installed, open it and browse through the available screensavers.

5. Tap on the screensaver you want to download and select “Download” or “Set as Wallpaper” option.

6. Follow the on-screen instructions to customize the screensaver settings, if applicable.

7. After customizing, tap on “Apply” or “Set” to set the screensaver as your device’s wallpaper.


1. Can I use my own photos as screensavers on Android?

Yes, many screensaver apps allow you to use your own photos as screensavers. Simply select the “Gallery” or “My Photos” option within the app and choose the desired image.

2. Do screensavers drain the battery on Android devices?

Live wallpapers and interactive screensavers may consume more battery power compared to static ones. However, the impact on battery life is generally minimal, especially on newer Android devices.

3. Are screensavers necessary on Android phones?

Screensavers are not essential for modern Android phones as they no longer suffer from screen burn-in issues like older CRT monitors. However, screensavers can still add aesthetic appeal and prevent accidental touches when the device is idle.

4. Can I change screensavers automatically on my Android device?

Yes, some screensaver apps offer an option to change screensavers automatically at predefined intervals. This feature allows you to enjoy a variety of screensavers without manual intervention.

5. Are screensaver apps safe to download from the Play Store?

Yes, screensaver apps available on the Google Play Store undergo security checks to ensure they are free from malware or harmful code. However, it is always recommended to read user reviews and check the app’s permissions before downloading.

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