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What are the Reasons for Erectile Dysfunction in Young Males

Even though older men are the one susceptible to experience erectile dysfunction, a lot of young men have been diagnosed with it in the recent past. Basically, erectile dysfunction is a physical or psychological condition where an individual has trouble to get or to maintain an erection. You are more likely to be having erectile dysfunction and not notice because of the wrong diagnosis. Young males need to be aware of the causes of erectile dysfunction so that they can be able to avoid them. The causes of erectile dysfunction run from real reason to psychological factors. The reasons for erectile dysfunction in young males are stated below.

The primary cause of erectile dysfunction in young males is obesity. Obesity in young men can be traced to their choice of foods read more about. For you to have an erection, blood has to be pumped from the heart to the male organs. Hence, an obese young man will be unable to have an erection as there is reduced blood flow in the body.

The other primary reason for erectile dysfunction is a hormonal imbalance in young males. Testosterone hormonal is vital in giving young males intimacy desire read more about. Therefore, for you to have an erection, you are supposed to have permissible levels of testosterone. Fundamentally, the testosterone levels are supposed to reduce as you age, but because of uncontrollable hormonal imbalance, you may experience low levels as a young man. However, there are remedial procedures in place to boost your testosterone levels.

The third cause of erectile dysfunction in young individuals is a drug and substance abuse. Many young men have indulged into the abuse of drugs such as alcohol and khat which on the long term affect their intimacy life. Consumption of alcohol lowers the amount of blood in the body system read more about. This means that in the long term, you will probably lack enough blood to pump to your male organs to cause an erection. In addition to that, drugs specifically alcohol slows down the reaction of brain nerves which is likely to affect the triggering of erection signals.

The other cause of erectile dysfunction in young males is stress. Stress is a psychological disorder where you have mental tension read more about. For you to be involved in an intimate activity, you have to be prepared psychologically. Stress inhibits the release of hormones for your intimate desire.

The fifth cause of erectile dysfunction in young men is depression. A depressed individual sees himself as not worth living read more about. As talked about earlier, depressants reduce the blood flow in veins, therefore, causing erectile dysfunction.

The causes of erectile dysfunction mentioned above need to be sensitized to the young males to protect them from the medical condition.